EMJAC - Empowering DLT towards a Sustainable Future

The leader in research & development and recycling of global waste tyres into GREEN and CLEAN renewable energy.


EMJAC is a DLT based platform for trading of Renewable Energy assets

EMJAC envisions to be the leader in the Waste-to-Wealth industry sector, aiming to achieve this through constant innovation of its technology and products ecosystem.

EMJAC is established to carry out a noble initiative in promoting innovations and pioneering methods in green technology and tokenizing the commodities via integration of DLT.

The CORE objective is to manage the supply and recycling of waste tires globally.

The Status Quo

  • ECSB will serve various consuming industries by supplying the output products from waste tyres TRU process. The products, namely synthetic diesel and carbon black are mainly distributed to heavy industries such as cement, construction and manufacturing, while the steel wire scraps are bought by recycling companies.
  • Disposal of waste tyres by landfilling causes a loss of valuable resource. Recovering energy from waste tyres is a significant way to reuse them as they are a high grade energy source. The approximate composition of tyre is about 85% carbon, 10% steel and 5% steel cord, resulting in the fact that it can be effectively used as a viable alternative source of fuel for industries.
  • In the UK, the energy recovered from waste tires is approximately 27% while in other European countries like Sweden, Germany and Austria, is between 50% to 80%.
  • The energy value of tire fuel is higher compared to traditional coal fuels. Hence, there exists a large potential towards extracting energy from waste tires.
  • This shift in attitude and commercial approach will not only solve the problems related to disposal but also help in substituting the regular fuels thereby reducing their consumption.
  • During burning of waste tires, organic compounds like pyrolytic oils can cause environmental damages to the soil. Entrapment of rainwater in tire dumps and stockpiles serve as breeding grounds for insects like mosquitoes.
  • Therefore, waste tires should be reused rather than be disposed of.
  • The negative effects of not managing Waste Tires now will be catastrophic in the long run and will be detrimental to Mother Earth.
  • EMJAC, aims to expand through the launch of the platform to be the Global leader in waste tires recycling in order to provide a cleaner and greener environment for our future generations.

IEO Tokens Details

Tokens Offered
Soft Cap (Public ICO)
Tokens Distributed
30 days after token sale ends
IEO Round I July 01 - July 31
IEO Round II & III Aug 01 - Sept 30

Token Allocation

  • 70%Product Development
  • 5%Marketing
  • 2%Partner/Investor
  • 20%Team & Operations
  • 3%Airdrops

Read Our White Paper

Here is our full White Paper that will help you to understand about our unique project.

Our Technology

Now, more than ever DLT is revolutionizing the financial world, the most financial changes are happening in financial industry. Introducing EMJAC a platform for recycled energy buyers to tokenize there procurement. We provide the technical and legal framework that bridges between the virtual currency and recyclable energy buyers. This token enables you to procure your commodities under a technology of blockchain with EMJAC token platform with Emjac Tokens buyers are formalized a reprotected using smart contracts under Ethereum blockchain. As well as in the blockchain economy, we see protection of interest for crypto society as a major responsibility. We hope to ensure the recognition of the crypto world to a new reality in the modern economy. Join us in bringing the crypto to a real world.

Lightning Fast Network

Instant Confirmation of Payment in 30 seconds

Responsive UI

Keeping in mind the user experience our engineers designed fully responsive platforms accross all media

Powered by EMJAC Community

Future projects can be proposed and for the community to discuss

Safe & Secure

Personal spending information and transactions kept private and fungible


Our team work hard to archive our goal for success of project.

2016 Q1
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
2016 Q2
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Strategic Plan
  • White paper completion
2016 Q3
  • Lands for refinery sealed
  • 10 Engineers join EMJAC
2017 Q2
  • Our Technology partner ECSB awarded Pioneer Status with 5 years Tax Exempt from Malaysia Investment Development Authority (MIDA)
2017 Q3
  • TRU PROJECT secured for waste tyre recycles
2017 Q4
  • Strategic Partnership & MOUs
  • Successful "TRU" R&D with 4 components extracted
2018 Q2
  • Pre-marketing with strategic partners
2018 Q3
Integration of Tokens
  • Smart contracts support creation
  • Ethereum tokens support
2019 Q2
Token Sale Begins
  • Pre Sales Begin - Jun 2019
  • Public Sales Begin - Sep 2019
2019 Q3
Alpha Test
  • In-house functional testing
  • Prototype published and linked to EMJAC blockchain with real-time scanning
2019 Q3
App Beta Test Net
  • Private closed beta, EMJAC Mobile Wallet
  • Open beta launched to public for improvement
2019 Q4
MainNet Beta Launch
  • MainNet integrated with EMJAC QT Core Wallet
2019 Q4
MainNet Launch
  • Fully functional trading feature with block explorer
2020 Q1
Expansion Plan
  • Invite Partners & Roadshow Events

Executive team

The EMJAC Team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

M.K Kwan
Chu Wong
Corporate Communications Director
Wan Afif
Green Project Advisor
William Koo
Marketing & Branding Advisor
Eugene Tan
Green Project Procurement Manager
Adnan Ahmed Siddiqui
CTO & Blockchain Advisor
Muhammad Shehzad
Head of Marketing
Ankit Kumar
Blockchain Developer
Ajay Kumar
FullStack Developer

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